What is blade diffusion film? | Lightsaber Terminology

lightsaber blade diffusion film

Blade diffusion film, sometimes called blade film, helps distribute light more evenly throughout a lightsaber blade. Blade film is commonly rolled up and installed inside the standard, cylindrical polycarbonate blades. Without blade diffusion film, most of the light from a saber using an in-hilt LED will escape near the emitter area, creating a noticeable ‘dead … Read more

Did Ultrasabers stop gluing blade film inside the lightsaber blade?

lightsaber blade diffusion film

Ultrasabers seems to have stopped hot gluing the blade diffusion film inside of their lightsaber blades. My more recent Ultrasabers orders within 2018 included blades with loose (i.e. unglued) blade film inside the tube. Ultrasabers sells cylindrical, polycarbonate blades that are approximately 1 inch in diameter. The blades are theoretically compatible with lightsabers from other … Read more

Saberforge V4 Infinity Edge Blade full review | lightsaber polycarbonate

Saberforge V4 Infinity Edge Blade

The Saberforge V4 Infinity Edge Blade is the standard polycarbonate lightsaber blade that Saberforge sells. For a long time, the V4 Infinity Edge Blade was Saberforges’ only standard blade (excluding colored Day Blades). Saberforge has since added two specialty blades to their store: Containment Blade and Unstable Blade. Saberforge also sells some non-standard blades, including: … Read more

Lightsaber Blade Brightness: What You Should Know (wattage vs. lumen rating)

lightsabers blades

Sometimes lightsaber enthusiasts seem to enjoy discussing lightsaber blade brightness nearly as much we enjoy discussing the hilt designs themselves. Let’s talk about the most important factors that affect lightsaber blade brightness and how to the select the brightest blade for your circumstances. Watch Lightsaber Blade Brightness: What You Should Know (wattage vs. lumen rating) … Read more