Saberforge V4 Infinity Edge Blade full review lightsaber polycarbonate

The Saberforge V4 Infinity Edge Blade [Etsy AFFILIATE LINK] is the standard polycarbonate lightsaber blade that Saberforge sells. For a long time, the V4 Infinity Edge Blade was Saberforges’ only standard blade (excluding colored Day Blades). Saberforge has since added two specialty blades to their store: Containment Blade and Unstable Blade. Saberforge also sells some non-standard blades, including: Light Whip Blade, Berserker Axe Blade Set and Crusader Axe Blade Set. Despite Saberforge’s blade variety, most Saberforge customers select the standard Saberforge V4 Infinity Edge Blade.

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Saberforge sells the V4 Infinity Edge Blade in several different lengths, including: 37 inches, 32 inches, 28 inches, 18 inches, and a 37 inch blade with 2 accompanying 6 inch crossguard blades. The blade is 1 inch in diameter and should be compatible lightsaber hilts from other custom saber companies that are designed to hold 1 inch diameter blades. If you’re getting a thin neck hilt, like Prodigal Son, then you need to get a special thin neck version of the blade. Otherwise, most people just get the standard blade.

Saberforge V4 Infinity Edge Blades are all thick walled, dueling grade blades. Saberforge does not sell thin walled blades. The blade tip is threaded and features a long socket depth. The blade is a reduced bullet tip style (i.e. hybrid version of a bullet tip). Reduced bullet tips are safer than full bullet tips, which are pointier and may hurt more during dueling. Saberforge only sells blades with reduced bullet tips and not any other blade tip styles like the rounded tip. The blade tip features a light diffusion ring, which allows the LED light to fill the tip of the blade. Some other saber company blades feature an unsightly dead zone in the blade tip.

The V4 Infinity Edge Blade uses blade film, or diffusion wrap, which allows the LED light to become more evenly distributed throughout the blade and helps prevent a dead zone from forming near the blade tip.

Overall, the Saberforge V4 Infinity Edge Blade is a sturdy, attractive blade.

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