Saberforge Indirectly Launches NEW Youngling Crossguard Saber

Saberforge indirectly announced a new lightsaber for their website today called the Youngling Crossguard Saber. Saberforge quietly listed the new Youngling Crossguard Saber as one of their freebie items for their Smuggler’s Heist sale, that runs through June 16, 2018. Buyer’s who spend $1000 qualify for a free Youngling Crossguard Saber during the Smuggler’s Heist sale.

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The Youngling Crossguard Saber is not currently listed for sale in the Saberforge Youngling Sabers section on the website, but the item will likely get added in the future.

Youngling Crossguard Saber looks similar in design and style to the existing Youngling Saber on the Saberforge website, just with added crossguards. Saberforge’s Youngling Saber and Youngling Crossguard Saber are both manufactured by YDD Saber, a China-based custom saber company. Many other websites sell custom sabers manufactured by YDD Saber, often labeling the sabers with their own name. For example, The Pach Store sells The Tiny Giant Kyojin, which is the same model as Saberforge’s Youngling Saber.

Saberforge first unveiled the Youngling Saber in January 2018. Saberforge seems to be attempting to tap into the budget lightsaber market since the Youngling line of lightsabers are markedly cheaper in price and quality than Saberforge’s in-house products. Saberforge’s Youngling Saber retails for $59.99 while the next cheapest Saberforge in-house lightsaber, a Shoto lightsaber, costs $160 for a Warrior Tier (no sound) lightsaber or $245 for the cheapest Shoto sound saber.

Saberforge (Etsy) affiliate link

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