Saberforge Youngling Sabers: What you should know

Saberforge Youngling Sabers [ETSY AFFILIATE LINK] are a budget sound saber line on the Saberforge website. Youngling Sabers differ from other Saberforge lightsabers in several ways. The primary way Youngling Sabers differ is they’re not manufactured by Saberforge–they are actually manufactured by YDD Saber, which is a China-based custom saber manufacturer. Saberforge rebranded the Youngling Saber line as the ECO Saber line.

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The Youngling lightsabers are not exclusive products to Saberforge. Many other websites sell various YDD Saber products including: The Pach Store, Spartan Sabers, and The Saber Armory by KR Sabers. The YDD Sabers also turn up on: eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, etsy and other popular selling platform. The YDD Saber name is rarely connected to the lightsaber, but rather each company or listing creates their own name for the same lightsaber model. For example, Saberforge’s Youngling Saber is the same lightsaber model as The Pach Store’s The Tiny Giant Kyojin lightsaber.

Saberforge Youngling Sabers are low-end lightsabers, much lower in quality and price than in-house Saberforge lightsabers. Saberforge treats Youngling Saber orders differently as well. Youngling Sabers do not qualify for the Saberforge warranty. The sabers also do not use Saberforge electronics, like a SaberCore soundboard, since Saberforge does not manufacture the Youngling Sabers. Youngling Sabers also don’t qualify for any additional discounts. Youngling Sabers have been popping up as a freebie item during some Saberforge sales, however. The current Saberforge sale, called Smuggler’s Heist, offers a Youngling Crossguard Saber as a freebie item for orders over $1000.

Saberforge Youngling Sabers may be a good option to explore as a starter lightsaber that’s packed with features for a low price, however the consider that quality of the lightsaber is much lower than other Saberforge products.

Saberforge may be positioning themselves to add additional YDD Saber products to the website in future, presumably depending on how well the current Youngling Sabers sell.

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