Best hidden benefit of Ultrasabers Grab Bag Sabers

Ultrasabers Grab Bag Sabers don’t seem to be nearly as popular as Mystery Box Sabers, but Grab Bag Sabers do feature one big benefit that Mystery Box Sabers don’t and it’s related to the blade. Grab Bag Sabers include a 36 inch blade and you’re able to select a Heavy Grade Blade or Ultraedge Heavy Grade Blade for FREE (no additional fee)! All of the other Ultrasabers lightsabers only offer Heavy Grade Blades and Ultraedge Heavy Grade Blades as a $10 upgrade (all Mystery Box Sabers include Midgrade Blades without the option to select a Heavy Grade Blade).

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Another lightsaber blade related benefit of Grab Bag Sabers is you’re able to remove the blade from your order to save $15. Grab Bag Sabers are the ONLY lightsabers on the Ultrasabers website that allow buyers to remove the blade from the order! Having the option to remove the blade from the order is great if you already have a bunch of blades and you don’t need any more or if you simply prefer using lightsaber blades from other companies.

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