What’s the weirdest lightsaber moment in Star Wars?

What is the weirdest lightsaber moment in the Star Wars movies or just in the Star Wars universe in general (Canon or Legends)? I think, by far, one of the strangest lightsaber moments in the movies is Han Solo slicing open the tauntaun in Empire Strikes Back using Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber.

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The moment contains several layers of weirdness. First, the moment depicts Han Solo, of all people, using a lightsaber. Han using a lightsaber is strange both because he’s not a Jedi and also because he had previously scoffed at lightsabers, dismissing them as “ancient weapon[s]” in Star Wars: A New Hope.

Another reason the moment is strange is because the Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber is used in an unglamourous and gross way. Han uses the lightsaber as a simple, slicing tool in a survival context rather than as an “elegant weapon” in battle. Slicing open the tautaun is a disgusting moment, especially when scene depicts the tauntaun guts spilling out of the carcass, eliciting the famous Han Solo quip, “And I thought they smelled bad on the outside.” Yuck.

SaberSourcing YouTube Viewers comment on the weirdest lightsaber moment:
“When Luke throws his lightsaber behind him in [The Last Jedi].” — Jace Frost

“It would be way weirder if Han tried to use his blaster to make a clean cut… bits flyin everywhere.” — Dee Jay

Photo Credit: Disney


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