What does OD and ID mean? | Lightsaber Terminology

If you’re looking into building your own lightsaber as a do-it-yourself project, some terms you’ll commonly see are: OD and ID. OD stands for Outside Diameter and ID stands for Inside Diameter. Both OD and ID are important measurements for lightsaber construction. The ID would be the measurement inside the lightsaber hilt from one wall to the other (excluding the thickness of the hilt itself). The OD measures the outside of the the lightsaber from one wall to the other (including the thickness of the hilt itself).

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Sometimes the OD and ID vary throughout the length of the lightsaber hilt. For example, The OD and ID may narrow at a choke point and widen near the emitter or pommel. Knowing the ID of a lightsaber hilt is critical if you’re planning to install electronics into the hilt. You need to make sure that all of the electronics would fit into the hilt, especially when dealing with lightsaber soundboards.

The OD matters most if you’re considering adding a sleeve, shroud, or wrap to the lightsaber hilt. The OD is also an important measurement when selecting a lightsaber that’s comfortable to hold, maneuver and use during dueling. Children and people with smaller hands tend to prefer lightsabers with a lower OD, like Ultrasabers Initiate V2 hilts or Vader’s Vault hilts.

OD and ID are typically associated with pipes and other cylinders, but a lightsaber is pretty similar to a pipe, right? In fact, people commonly construct homemade lightsabers with PVC pipes or metal Home Depot pipes.

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