Most Overrated Lightsabers: Top 3 Reasons Behind the Hype

A lightsaber could be considered overrated for many reasons. Three common signs of an overrated lightsaber are: the lightsaber is too famous, uses an impractical design or is trying too hard to be different from other lightsabers. All three signs could be combined as well. Let’s take a closer look at the the signs, along with some examples, of an overrated lightsaber.

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1. Too Famous
One reason a lightsaber could be considered overrated is because it’s too famous and common, in terms of volume of production of the lightsaber or discussion of the lightsaber. The Graflex lightsaber, or Skywalker lightsaber, is one of the most widely produced and discussed lightsabers of all time. Many custom saber companies make some type of Graflex inspired lightsaber. The Skywalker lightsaber is also the only lightsaber shown in the Prequel Trilogy, Original Trilogy and Sequel Trilogy.

2. Impractical Design
Some lightsabers use an impractical design. The lightsabers designed for the Original Trilogy were primarily designed for appearance and not for practical dueling purposes. Many lightsaber enthusiasts dislike the feel of the vertical t-track grips on the Skywalker lightsaber and Darth Vader lightsaber. Some lightsabers are too heavy or use an uncomfortable balance point.

3. Trying Too Hard To Be Different
Sometimes a lightsaber, especially a non-standard lightsaber, seems like it’s needlessly complex and trying too hard to be different from other lightsabers. In the Original Trilogy, all lightsabers were somewhat simple, single-bladed sabers. Now, lightsabers come in many non-standard shapes and sizes. Some non-standard lightsabers include: Darksaber (a flat black-bladed lightsaber), double-bladed lightsaber (e.g. Darth Maul), lightsaber with curved hilt (e.g. Count Dooku), crossguard lightsaber (e.g. Kylo Ren), Ezra Bridger’s lightsaber blaster, or Jocasta Nu’s lightsaber rifle (!!).

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What do you think is the most overrated lightsaber?

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  1. Point 2 Vaders is a prime example of this. Mind you ,I won’t part with it as it’s my first, however for dueling it’s worse than useless. The t-track handle is nowhere near the balance point and at the balance point that graflex clamp box is right in the way. Old Jedi Jim.


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