Non-standard lightsabers: crossguard, Darksaber, whip, nunchucks, etc.

When you think of a lightsaber you probably think of just sort of a basic cylinder. But lightsabers have gotten a lot crazier in recent years so let’s talk about some of the more non-standard designs.

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One of the first non-standard designs that became pretty popular was the double bladed lightsaber, made famous by Darth Maul in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. If you purchase a double-bladed lightsaber from a variety of saber companies it’s basically just combining two of their single hilts together with a coupler.

You also have the curved hilt. The curved hilt was made famous by Count Dooku and quite a few Saber companies will sell those.

More recently we got the crossguard saber from Kylo Ren and so you’ll see many saber companies selling crossguard sabers.

The comics some of the Star Wars TV shows portray the Darksaber, which is a flat-bladed lightsaber. Some saber companies are now selling a flat lightsaber with both a flat hilt and a flat lightsaber blade. Pach Store sells a saber called Shadowblade Saber. Also, Kaizen Saber is selling a hilt called DARKSAI and they’ve arranged a combo deal with Ripper Blades. DARKSAI is a rounded hilt and can accommodate either a standard cylindrical polycarbonate blade or a flat blade (i.e. flat acrylic blade from a vendor like Ripper Blades).

There are also quite a few companies that sell katana sabers, which are Japanese inspired. Many katana lightsabers are specifically designed for lightsaber combat for
actual dueling and they’ll have a tsuba (handguard) at the top, which is a guard for your hand. The katana sword looks like a kendo sword. Some saber companies that sell katana-inspired lightsabers include: Patch Store, Saber Forge, and Kyberlight has several tsuba-inspired top pieces for the emitter area. Other saber companies may offer katana sabers as well.

Ultrasabers just released brood guard sabers, inspired by the martial arts melee weapon the tonfa. The brood guard sabers use some of Ultrasabers’ exisiting hilt designs but the design includes a handle coming out of it. I haven’t seen any other saber using the tonfa design, but it’s possible that they exist.

Another martial arts inspired lightsaber product is The Pach Store’s Saber Nunchaku, which are lightsaber nunchucks. Lightsabers would actually make horrible nunchucks because the part that you grab on to is the glowing blade portion, so you couldn’t use a real-life lightsaber nunchucks, but nevertheless Pach Store’s Saber Nunchaku look like a neat little novelty piece.

In addition to non-standard sabers, some lightsaber companies sell non-standard accessories that will make your standard saber a little stranger. You could get an extension piece. I’ve already talked about double bladed lightsabers, but quite a few saber companies will also sell extension pieces so you could have a super long lightsaber hilt (i.e. Ultrasabers calls their extension piece Yari (Pike) Extension). Saber Forge offers a Light Whip. Maybe some other saber vendors do, too. Saber Forge also offers axe accessories. Saber Forge sells both a saber axe as kind of a non-standard lightsaber and they also sell just the axe blade that you could add on to your lightsaber.

Finally, several companies are selling flat acrylic lightsaber blades. Ripper Blades is renowned for their flat acrylic lightsaber blades. Some other companies are starting to sell flat acrylic lightsaber blades as well.
* * *
List of non-standard lightsabers:
– double-bladed (like Darth Maul)
– curved hilt (like Count Dooku)
– crossguard (like Kylo Ren)
– Darksaber (Shadow blade saber from Pach Store or Kaizen Saber)
– katana saber (katana saber from Pach Store or Saberforge Ronin)
– tonfa saber hilts (Ultrasabers brood guard sabers)
– lightsaber nunchucks (saber nunchaku from Pach Store)

List of non-standard lightsaber add-ons:
– extensions to create an extra long hilt
– lightsaber whip (Saberforge)
– lightsaber axe
– flat acrylic lightsaber blades (RipperBlades, various other sellers)
* * *
Can you think of any additional non-standard lightsabers or hilt accessories that aren’t listed here? Feel free to post them in the comments section.

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