What is a lightsaber pike? | Lightsaber Terminology

lightsaber pike

A lightsaber pike is a lightsaber variant with a long hilt and short blades. The Jedi Temple Guards wield yellow-bladed, doubled-bladed lightsaber pikes in Star Wars Canon. A lightsaber pike resembles and maneuvers in a similar way to the more prevalent double-bladed lightsaber. A lightsaber pike uses a long hilt with much shorter blades than … Read more

Non-standard lightsabers: crossguard, Darksaber, whip, nunchucks, etc.

Non-standard lightsabers

When you think of a lightsaber you probably think of just sort of a basic cylinder. But lightsabers have gotten a lot crazier in recent years so let’s talk about some of the more non-standard designs. One of the first non-standard designs that became pretty popular was the double bladed lightsaber, made famous by Darth Maul … Read more