Oppo Rancisis Lightsaber | Lightsaber Profile

The Oppo Rancisis lightsaber a single-bladed green lightsaber wielded by Jedi Master Oppo Rancisis. Oppo Rancisis is a Thisspiasian male Jedi Master who serves on the Jedi Council during the Clone Wars/Rise of the Empire era in Star Wars Canon.

Watto’s Junkyard Mr. Tyranus Lightsaber Unveiled | New Saber Alert

The Watto’s Junkyard Mr. Tyranus lightsaber has been unveiled. The custom saber, a curved-hilt saber, is inspired by the Count Dooku lightsaber.

Saberforge Cyber Assassin Lightsaber (Flat, Curved-Hilt) | New Saber Alert

Saberforge unveiled the Cyber Assassin lightsaber, a flat, curved-hilt lightsaber with a futuristic and sinister vibe. The unorthodox custom saber design features a sleek, minimalistic, utilitarian sensibility with dark side overtones. Saberforge founder Phil Isherwood describes the new Saberforge Cyber Assassin, as a “futuristic mass produced sidearm for warriors of the far future…or the distant … Read more

Saberforge The Count Lightsaber Hilt Review | Curved-Hilt Lightsaber

Saberforge The Count is a custom Count Dooku style, curved-hilt lightsaber manufactured by Saberforge. The hilt features a polished nickel chrome plating that covers most of the surface area of the hilt along with some black, gold, red and silver colored accents. The hilt features a standard blade socket and is designed to accommodate a … Read more

What is a curved-hilt lightsaber? | Lightsaber Terminology

curved-hilt lightsaber

A curved-hilt lightsaber is a lightsaber hilt with a slight bend in its design, allowing the wielder to maneuver with a high level of precision and finesse during lightsaber combat. Since the hilt design lends itself to lightsaber combat, the curved-hilt lightsaber is sometimes referred to as a dueling lightsaber. Due to the bend in … Read more

Korbanth Duke V2 Lightsaber Hilt | New Saber Alert

Korbanth has announced the Duke V2 lightsaber hilt. The custom saber is inspired by the design of the Count Dooku curved-hilt lightsaber

Korbanth has unveiled the Duke V2 lightsaber hilt. The custom saber is inspired by the design of the Count Dooku curved-hilt lightsaber. The lightsaber will be sold as an empty hilt or as an installed neopixel saber.

Saberforge Bane MK1 (RT) Lightsaber Hilt full review RETIRED

Saberforge Bane MK1 RT lightsaber

Saberforge Bane MK1 (RT) is an aggressive, curved and clawed lightsaber hilt. The hilt I’m reviewing is Initiate Tier, meaning it’s an empty hilt without electronics and features dummy switches installed in the switch holes. Saberforge Etsy Store [AFFILIATE LINK] https://www.etsy.com/shop/Saberforge The hilt features a metallic silver colored body that’s ‘bookended’ by a black emitter … Read more

What are finger grooves? | Lightsaber Terminology

finger grooves on a lightsaber hilt

Finger grooves are a contoured, lightsaber hilt grip section style that’s intended to be more form-fitting to the wielder’s fingers and hands than other grip section styles. If the grip contours fit your fingers, holding the hilt can be comfortable. If the grip contours don’t fit your fingers, holding the hilt can be uncomfortable. Due to … Read more

Non-standard lightsabers: crossguard, Darksaber, whip, nunchucks, etc.

Non-standard lightsabers

When you think of a lightsaber you probably think of just sort of a basic cylinder. But lightsabers have gotten a lot crazier in recent years so let’s talk about some of the more non-standard designs. One of the first non-standard designs that became pretty popular was the double bladed lightsaber, made famous by Darth Maul … Read more