What are finger grooves? | Lightsaber Terminology

Finger grooves are a contoured, lightsaber hilt grip section style that’s intended to be more form-fitting to the wielder’s fingers and hands than other grip section styles. If the grip contours fit your fingers, holding the hilt can be comfortable. If the grip contours don’t fit your fingers, holding the hilt can be uncomfortable. Due to their form-fitting nature, finger grooves may work well with curved lightsaber hilts.

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Finger grooves a less common lightsaber hilt grip section style than other styles like: grenade grip, horizontal or vertical grooves, knurling grip, etc. Vader’s Vault uses finger grooves on the Maelstrom Elite lightsaber hilt. Saberforge uses finger grooves on the curved, Bane MK2 lightsaber hilt and had previously used finger grooves on its retired predecessor, Bane MK1.

The number and size of the finger grooves on the lightsaber hilt may vary. A hilt may feature 4 grooves or 8 grooves or more. More finger grooves give the wielder more options for gripping the hilt. More than 4 grooves allows the wielder to shift their grip to a higher or lower spot on the hilt. Also, a hilt with at least 8 grooves would allow the wielder to grip the hilt with both hands.

Finger grooves are sometimes referred to as a ‘pistol grip’ because some pistols use handles designed to form-fit to a person’s hand.

COVER IMAGE: finger groove grip section on a Saberforge MK1 (DT)

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