Lightsaber Hilt Grip Section Styles: What You Should Know

Lightsaber hilts use lots of different types and styles of grip sections. Some grip sections, especially grip sections on Star Wars movie inspired hilts, are mainly meant to look cool. Other grip sections are more practical and comfortable during lightsaber dueling and everyday use. Let’s look at some common lightsaber grip sections styles.

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Grenade Grip (e.g. Roman Props MK1)
Original Trilogy Obi-Wan Kenobi style lightsabers use a grenade grip. It’s called ‘grenade grip’ because the lightsaber hilt used a piece of an MK1 Rifle Grenade. Some custom lightsaber designs use grenade style grips as well. Some of the new lightsabers in the Ultrasabers V5 line use a grenade style grip.

T-Track Grips (e.g. Star Wars: The Black Series Rey (Jedi Training) Force FX Lightsaber)
T-Track Grips are a series of vertical black grips associated with Original Trilogy lightsabers, like the Graflex lightsaber and Darth Vader’s lightsaber. They’re called ‘t-track’ because the side view of the grips looks like the letter ‘t’. Some custom saber companies make t-track grips out of plastic while others use rubber.

Tapered Grip (e.g. Electrum Sabercrafts Torrent)
Some lightsaber hilts, like Torrent by Electrum Sabercrafts, use a tapered grip. A tapered grip section gradually decreases in diameter, which make them comfortable and easy to maneuver. The popular budget sound saber sometimes called The Tiny Giant Kyojin (from The Pach Store) or Youngling Saber 1 (from Saberforge) also features a tapered grip area. Taper grip sections are often somewhat smooth and less textured than some of the other grip styles.

Knurling Grip (e.g. Sabertrio Arclyte)
Knurling is an added texture of ridges that creates a comfortable gripping surface for a lightsaber wielder. Sabertrio Arclyte uses a knurling grip section.

Leather Wrap
Some lightsaber companies offer a leather wrap as an upgrade. Saberforge offers a wide selection of leather wraps, along with a few other materials, for its hilts. Other lightsaber enthusiasts add their own leather wrap to their lightsaber after the fact. Sellers like defconbird offer leather wrap for lightsaber enthusiasts.

Grooves, Ribbing, etc in the Grip Section
Many lightsaber hilts have grooves (horizontal, vertical or contoured finger grooves) or ribbing in the grip area. Some saber enthusiasts will add O-rings to a grooved grip area, both to increase the aesthetic appeal of the lightsaber and the comfort of the grip area as well.

COVER IMAGE: (left to right)
Ultrasabers Initiate V4 with grooved horizontal grip section and added o-rings
Ultrasabers Prophecy V3 with vertical grip section
Solo’s Hold Padawan
Sabertrio Arclyte with knurling grip
Electrum Sabercrafts Torrent with tapered grip
Star Wars: The Black Series Rey (Jedi Training) Force FX lightsaber with t-track grips
Roman Props MK1 Static hilt with grenade grip

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