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The Pach Store released a new lightsaber called Maverick V2. Maverick V2 is a feature-loaded, entry-level, affordable sound saber. The Pach Store, which is based in Hong Kong, had previously released the first version of Maverick in June 2018 (four months ago).

The exterior hilt design of Maverick V2 is similar to Maverick V1, although the tapered pommel and some of the recessed sections in the emitter area on Maverick V2 are slightly different than Maverick V1.

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The Pach Store Maverick V2 lightsaber

Several of the technical specs on the Maverick V2 differ from the original Maverick.

Maverick V2 and Maverick V1 Comparison
MATERIAL: 6061 Aluminum (Maverick V2 and Maverick V1)
BLADE: 1 inch diameter blade (Maverick V2), 7/8 inch diameter blade (Maverick V1)
LED: 9W LED (Maverick V2), 5W LED (Maverick V1)
HILT LENGTH:  10.5 inches (Maverick V2), 10 inches (Maverick V1)
SPEAKERS: 2W 8ohm speakers (Maverick V2), 1W 8ohm speakers (Maverick V1)
USB IN-HILT RECHARGE PORT: located near emitter (Maverick V2), located near pommel (Maverick V1)
CHARGER: Charge with 5V 1A only NO SMART CHARGERS (Maverick V2 and Maverick V1)
SOUND FONT: One sound font with mute function (Maverick V2 and Maverick V1)
CHASSIS: yes (Maverick V2), no (Maverick V1)
PRICE: $89 (Maverick V2), $79 (Maverick V1) [as of 10/23/2018]

The new Maverick V2 joins an array of existing budget sound sounds from The Pach Store. One of The Pach Store’s specialties is offering a selection of budget friendly sound sabers. The Pach Store’s $59 Tiny Giant Kyojin lightsaber (manufactured by YDD Saber) is an especially popular seller.

Other sound sabers under $100 from The Pach Store include:
The Tiny Giant Kyojin $59
Hitoren V2.5 $75
Maverick V1 $79
WonderForce Fubuki $89
Hitoren V3 $99
Sanken 2 Crossguard $99
(Prices updated 10/23/2018)

Maverick V2 from The Pach Store

The Pach Store

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