KR Sabers: Empty Hilts, Accessories, Parts (Lightsaber Company Spotlight)

KR Sabers is a UK based custom lightsaber company and they run an online store called The Saber Armory by KR Sabers. The store carries a lot of different types of lightsaber related products.

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KR Sabers is known for producing limited runs of movie inspired empty hilts. KR Sabers carries some functional sound sabers as well (mostly budget YDD Saber products). One budget sound saber is called ECO Saber, which is the same kind of popular budget sound saber that The Pach Store sells as The Tiny Giant Kyojin and Saberforge sells as Youngling Saber 1 (many other sellers offer this budget sound saber as well).

KR Sabers also offers a lot of lightsaber accessories, like blades and blade plugs, and lightsaber components for builders, sabersmiths and DIYers.

KR Sabers Empty Hilts
KR Sabers offers a selection of empty hilts, many of which are limited runs of movie inspired hilts. Many of the movie inspired hilts are in collaboration with One Replicas, another custom saber manufacturer. Some of the designs will be for slightly more obscure characters like Ki-Adi-Mundi or Adi Gallia. KR Sabers also currently offers a Darth Maul style empty hilt as well.

KR Sabers also offers some hilts that they did not design, including some hilts by 89Sabers and One Replicas (non-collaboration).

KR Sabers Budget Sound Sabers
KR Sabers has offered two models of budget sound sabers: ECO Saber and ECO Saber LS. Both are budget sounds sabers manufactured by YDD Saber.

Accessories and Lightsaber Components
KR Sabers offers a wide selection of lightsaber accessories, like blade and blade plugs, along with lightsaber components you would need for constructing your own DIY lightsaber (i.e. heat sinks, LEDs, ports, speakers, resisters, etc).

KR Sabers sometimes accepts commissions for lightsaber projects, however, as of 10/21/2018, KR Sabers is closed for new commissions in 2018.

KR Sabers as a United Kingdom based Seller
Lightsaber enthusiasts in the United Kingdom may find lightsabers components and accessories from KR Sabers to be more affordable than United States sellers.

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The Saber Armory by KR Sabers

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