What is a dulon? (Lightsaber Terminology)

A dulon is a lightsaber training term that refers to a pre-arranged, solo sequence of lightsaber movements. A dulon is a type of solo practice, allowing the practitioner to rehearse and hone different lightsaber moves. The lightsaber choreography looks pretty cool, too!

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A lightsaber dulon is similar a martial arts kata or form
. Many traditional martial arts, like karate, incorporate kata into training. A dulon is the lightsaber training equivalent of a kata.

An alternative definition of a dulon is a specific lightsaber move that consists of a defensive parry followed by and overhead slash.

If you see someone in the lightsaber community referring to a dulon, they are likely referring to the solo sequence of choreographed lightsaber moves. Occasionally, however, dulon refers to a combination lightsaber parry and slash.

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