T-track grips

What are t-track grips? (Lightsaber Terminology)

T-track grips are a vertical lightsaber grip style used on the Skywalker lightsaber (i.e. Graflex lightsaber) and the Darth Vader lightsaber in the Star Wars Original Trilogy. The grips are referred to as ‘T-Track’ due to the ‘t’ shaped profile of the piece.

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A common misconception of t-track lightsaber grips is the pieces on the Original Trilogy prop lightsabers were made windshield wipers. Although lightsaber enthusiasts have debunked the windshield wiper theory, the source and origin of the t-track grips used in the Original Trilogy props remains a mystery. Some lightsaber enthusiasts speculate that the grips may have been repurposed from a cabinet t-track.

T-track grips come in different lengths and most are made from either a rigid plastic material or a flexible rubbery material. The t-track grips on some of the Star Wars: The Black Series Force FX lightsaber, like Darth Vader and Rey (Jedi Training), seem to be plastic, but have a softer feel to the exterior than most other plastic grips. Nearly all t-track grips are black.

T-track grips attach to the lightsaber hilt with an adhesive (usually from a peel-off section on the back of the grip). Some grips are notched and others are not notched. The notched grips usually attach to the hilt with a series of screws, in addition to the adhesive.

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