DarkLyte Customs to Close Etsy Store (Lightsaber Stand and Saberlok maker)

DarkLyte Customs announced he will be permanently closing the DarkLyte Customs Etsy store [AFFILIATE LINK] in the next few months. DarkLyte Customs is a United States based seller known for making acrylic lightsaber stands and the Saberlok belt clip. Some of the stands are generic and designed to accommodate many different types and sizes of lightsaber hilts. Some stands are also tailored to specific hilt models.

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The DarkLyte Customs stand shown in the article was sized and designed for the Corran Horn lightsaber hilt by Solo’s Hold. The stand has the specific dimensions of the lightsaber hilt in mind and it fits well and and looks cool with the intended lightsaber hilt.

DarkLyte Customs Saberlok 2.0
DarkLyte Customs Saberlok 2.0 | IMAGE CREDIT DarkLyte Customs

DarkLyte Customs is also known for making the SaberLok 2.0 and Saberlok-D belt clips. Saberlok 2.0, a Covertec belt clip alternative, was designed to accommodate a Covertec wheel. Saberlok-D was designed for lightsabers equipped with a D-ring. DarkLyte Customs had suspensed production and sales of the Saberlok belt clips several years ago.

DarkLyte Customs stated he will be closing his Etsy store in the next couple months, but did not specify a closing date. As of the posting of the article, his Etsy store is closed temporarily, but it looks like he is just trying to catch up on orders and this is not the final closing.

Why is DarkLyte Customs closing his Etsy store? He cited family and personal reasons, but mentioned that they are good reasons (he didn’t specify). It’s always nice to someone’s leaving because of good reasons. We don’t want people leaving because of bad reasons.

Even though DarkLyte Customs is closing his Etsy store, he says that in the future he may offer limited runs of lightsaber stands in the Replica Prop Forum (RPF) or in The Rebel Armory (TRA).

If you want a DarkLyte Customs lightsaber stand, now is probably the time to get one before the store is closed for good.

DarkLyte Customs Etsy Store [AFFILIATE LINK]

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