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Ultimate Works is a Hong Kong-based custom lightsaber company that launched in 2014. Ultimate Works is primarily known for making movie inspired lightsaber hilts like The Lord, a Count Dooku inspired curved lightsaber hilt. The company releases the hilts both as empty hilts and hilts installed with light and sound.

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Ultimate Works has a distribution agreement with The Pach Store. Hilts like The Lord, Master Q and other Ultimate Works designs can often be found on The Pach Store’s website, but the sabers are typically released in limited runs, so the hilts do sell out.

I purchased the hilt called The Lord from The Pach Store around the time of Star Wars Day, but the hilt is now sold out, at least at the moment.

Although Ultimate Works is primarily know for making lightsaber hilts, the company does make some other lightsaber accessories as well. In the past, Ultimate Works produced blade plugs, although the company does not appear to be selling blade plugs at the moment. Ultimate Works also makes a leather Jedi lightsaber belt.

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