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The Pach Store is a Hong Kong based website that sells custom lightsabers along with other movie replicas. The Pach Store sell lightsabers manufactured by several brands including: Wonder Force, Ultimate Works, and YDD Sabers (although companies rarely state the ‘YDD Sabers’ brand name when they sell lightsabers from YDD Sabers).

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The Pach Store’s Tiny Giant Kyojin is a very popular and affordable sound saber (manufactured by YDD Sabers). Saberforge now sells same saber listed as a Youngling Saber. Other lightsaber companies sell the same YDD Sabers lightsaber as well.

The Pach Store sells a range of products including: affordable sounds sabers, empty lightsaber hilts, lightsaber accessories, other movie prop replicas, and even some lightsaber nunchucks! Some of the Ultimate Works hilts that The Pach Store sells are higher end/higher quality movie inspired lightsaber hilt designs.

The Pach Store is known for shipping orders relatively quickly. I received my order from The Pach Store within two weeks. It’s pretty impressive to receive a shipment from Hong Kong in the United States in only two weeks. Like with other lightsaber companies, orders could get delayed during the holiday season or near the release date of new Star Wars movie.

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Which lightsabers have you purchased from The Pach Store?

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