Would you buy a full sized LEGO lightsaber hilt?

Would you purchase a full sized lightsaber hilt modeled after the LEGO lightsaber hilt? I found a thread in the Saberforge forums where somebody proposed the idea of creating a full sized LEGO lightsaber hilt and I thought it was a fun idea.

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Like many LEGO pieces, the LEGO lightsaber has a very simple and ‘LEGO’-y design. The pommel area is distinguished from the emitter area by several teeth protruding from the pommel area. What do you think about a full sized LEGO lightsaber? Would you buy a full sized LEGO lightsaber hilt, if given the opportunity?

Reading through the thread, many people thought that a full sized LEGO lightsaber hilt was a pretty cool idea. One person said that they’d maybe get one for their kids (not for themselves, though!). Another person thought it was an awesome idea. I think it’s a neat idea. Would I actually buy one for myself, thought? I’m not sure if I’d get one for myself, but I think it would look really cool and a LEGO lightsaber would make for an interesting one-handed saber. It didn’t occur to me that someone could make a full sized LEGO lightsaber, even though I’ve had many LEGO lightsaber and LEGO things for awhile.

YouTube Users said:
“like a dumbell weight with a blade.” — G Terr

“Why hell yeah [I would get one], what type of question is that? Lol” — TheSkyrimbadass

“Looks like your typical ultrasabers hilt. Just kidding lol. I think it would be perfect for kids who play with the starwars LEGOs. Or the LEGO starwars videogames.” — TheLastSith 212

https://youtu.be/apvySNb7UqI It’s literally a thing that has been done before.” — KempuraChicken

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Would a full sized LEGO lightsaber be a cool idea? Would you buy one?

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