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Ninja Ripper Blade, by custom lightsaber blade company Ripper Blades, is a katana inspired flat acrylic blade. The blade is a show blade and is NOT duel worthy because acrylic is too brittle to endure the rigors of dueling.

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The Ninja Ripper Blade retails for $80 from Ripper Blades, if you select the ‘no color’ version of the blade. If you add colors to the blade, it will cost between $90 and $100, depending on your color section.

If you select a solid color, the options are: red, blue, light blue, purple, green, yellow and orange. If you select any of these solid blade colors, that would cost an additional $20, making the blade $100.

If instead, you select a two-toned blade, the dollar amount with vary because you pay for each half. For the top half of the blade, you could select: red, blue, light blue, purple, green, yellow or orange for an additional $10. You could also select ‘clear’ for the top half for no additional fee, which means you would only be charged extra for the bottom half color. For the bottom half of the blade, you could select: red, blue, light blue, purple, green, yellow or orange. You could also select black for the bottom half, if you’re looking for a Darksaber-like blade effect. Adding a color to the bottom half of the blade costs an extra $10.

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The blade is 24 inches long (2 feet) and it is 3/8 of an inch thick. The blade uses a 1 inch diameter, 2 inch long blade tang (i.e. stem) that allows you to attach the blade to your lightsaber hilt. Ripper Blades says they will accommodate custom sizes, so if you have a request for a longer stem or an alternative stem diameter, like 7/8 inch, Ripper Blades can do that.

Ripper Blades Ninja Ripper Blade

As with pretty much all lightsaber blades, the Ninja Ripper Blade looks the coolest when it’s lit up. The squiggly lightning details, blade color, and blade edge ‘pop’ when the blade is illuminated.

The reason Ripper Blades uses acrylic for the flat lightsaber blades rather than polycarbonate is because the acrylic allows light to be distributed throughout the blade more easily than polycarbonate. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ripper Blades and other saber companies experiment more to make a duel worthy flat blade, possibly made from polycarbonate.

All Ripper Blades look the best with a white LED, especially a strong white LED like Tri Cree rather than a single diode. A clear Ripper Blade, however, will take on the color of its LED light source and still look pretty cool. If you decide to get one a Ripper Blade with colors, though, using a white LED will accentuate your blade color(s) the best. My Ninja Ripper Blade is two-toned with light blue for the top half and blue for the bottom half and if I attach the blade to a blue LED light source, the blade colors get washed out by the blue LED color.

I received the two-toned Ninja Ripper Blade as a Guess What Box, which is the Ripper Blades version of a Mystery Box or Grab Bag. Ripper Blades sells three price tiers of Guess What Boxes, and I purchased the $75 Guess What Box. The Ninja Ripper Blade retails for $80 and the two-toned color add-on would cost an additional $20, so the blade I received has the value of $100. Essentially, I got a $100 blade for $75 plus shipping.

The Ninja Ripper Blade is my first Ripper Blade and I love the katana-inspired design, and the two-toned, ‘ice-blade’ coloring. The Ninja Ripper Blade may not be duel worthy, but it does look pretty darn cool, especially in the dark.

Ripper Blades (Etsy) affiliate link

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