Ultrasabers Dark Apprentice V4 Full review | stunt saber

This is an Ultrasabers Dark Apprentice V4 lightsaber with a Guardian Blue blade. The saber is configured as a stunt saber, so there’s no sound. The saber does feature several upgrades, including windows in the emitter and a black AV switch. The black AV switch blends in with saber hilt pretty well.

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Just below the emitter, the hilt features a choke point, allowing for easier saber spins. The grip portion contains a series comfortable, rounded grooves. The Dark Apprentice V4 hilt is one of the shorter hilts produced by Ultrasabers (under 10 inches long), making it a convenient one-handed saber for many fans. Kids and people with smaller hands may be able to use the hilt as a two-handed saber.

The Dark Apprentice V4 measures 9.875 inches long with a diameter of 1.45 inches. The pommel is MHS (modular hilt system) compatible, so you can use many pommels from The Custom Saber Shop on the hilt. Dark Apprentice V4 comes with a basic pommel, but you could upgrade to a more elaborate pommel during the checkout process on the Ultrasabers website.

Dark Apprentice V4 is one of Ultrasabers’ most basic and most affordable sabers. It’s called “Dark” Apprentice V4 because it’s the solid black version of the Apprentice V4 hilt. If you’re looking for a longer, two-handed version of the Dark Apprentice V4, check out the Sentinel V4 and Dark Sentinel V4 hilt models. They’re the same hilt design except stretched out into a longer hilt with an extra choke point near the switch area.

If you purchase a Dark Apprentice V4 stunt saber or sound saber, consider that Apprentice and Initiate lightsabers come standard with a 24 inch blade, which is shorter than full size. Upgrading to a full size 32 inch blade or 36 inch blade costs $10 extra. Ultrasabers Initiate and Apprentice lightsabers are the ONLY sabers that don’t include a full size blade in the standard price.

Dark Apprentice V4 is commonly received as both a Mystery Box Saber and a Grab Bag Saber, so don’t be surprised if you receive one. All Grab Bag Sabers, even Initiate and Apprentice sabers, include a 36 inch blade OR you can remove the blade from your order to save $15. All Mystery Box Sabers, even Initiate and Apprentice sabers, include a 36 inch blade by default, but you could switch to a 32 inch blade, 24 inch blade or 16 inch blade for no extra fee or upgrade to a 40 inch blade for an extra $20.

Overall, the Dark Apprentice V4 is a basic one-handed saber with a simple design. The windows in the emitter add some flare. The solid black AV switch blends in with the hilt a bit too well, I think, but some people may appreciate the blending of AV switch. If you’re looking for an entry level, affordable stunt saber, an Ultrasabers Dark Apprentice V4 might be a saber for you to consider.

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