Top 5 Advantages of Using a 24 inch Lightsaber Blade

Although 32 inch and 36 inch lightsaber blades are considered to be full-size and a standard length, here are the top five advantages of using a shorter, 24 inch lightsaber blade.

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1. Manageable lightsaber blade length for a child
Kids are shorter people, so a shorter lightsaber blade works better for them. A shorter, 24 inch lightsaber blade matches a child’s high better than a full size lightsaber blade. It’s more manageable for a child to swing around a 24 inch blade than a 32 or 36 inch lightsaber blade. A 36 inch blade is three feet long–that’s about the same height as some children, so wielding a 36 inch blade may be a bit overwhelming for a kid.

2. Easy lightsaber blade length to swing around indoors (so you don’t knock over a plant or the lamp!)
If you anticipate swinging around the lightsaber indoors, then you may want to keep a 24 inch lightsaber blade in your arsenal due to it’s shorter length. When you’re indoors you don’t have a much space and you have a much more limited range of motion than you would outdoors. A shorter blade length, like a 24 inch lightsaber blade, is going to help prevent you from knocking over a lamp or a plant in living room.

3. A 24 inch lightsaber blade length matches the proportion of shorter hilts (i.e. shoto hilts or Ultrasabers Apprentice and Initiate models)
A 24 inch lightsaber blade complements shorter lightsaber hilts that measure around 10 inches in length, like the Ultrasabers Apprentice and Initiate hilts or the SaberForge shoto lightsaber hilts. By contrast, when a 24 inch blade is attached to longer lightsaber hilt that’s around 12 inches or so in length (i.e. Ultrasabers Standard Issue V3), the blade can look a bit “short”.

4. Manageable lightsaber blade length for use with double-bladed sabers
Using two 24 inch lightsaber blades is one of the optimal configurations for a double-bladed lightsaber. If you used two 36 inch blades on a double-bladed lightsaber then the span of the blades would be 6 feet (and that’s not even including the length of a hilt!). Unless you’re a very tall person, using two 24 inch blades on your double blade lightsaber (or possibly two 32 inch blades) will likely be more manageable than using two 36 inch lightsaber blades.

5. Keeping a 24 inch lightsaber blade in addition to a full length 32 to 36 inch blade gives you versatility
Even if you plan on mainly using a full size 32 or 36 inch lightsaber blade, keeping a 24 inch lightsaber blade in your possession gives you more options and more flexibility. A 24 inch lightsaber blades allows you to use your lightsaber more easily indoors and share your lightsaber with you child.

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Do you use a 24 inch lightsaber blade? What do you think are some additional advantages of using a 24 inch lightsaber blade?

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