Ultrasabers Grab Bag Saber: What to Expect

Ultrasabers offers an interesting, cheap lightsaber called a “Grab Bag Saber” for $70 (or $55 without the blade). How it works is you you don’t have choice of the hilt model–Ultrasabers just sends you a hilt. You also don’t have a choice of the blade color unless you pay a little extra to select the LED color. In other words, if you order a Grab Bag Saber, you don’t know what you’re going to get.

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If you’re just getting into custom sabers, then the element of chance of a Grab Bag Saber may be a little fun for you.

It’s very common to receive these stunt sabers as Grab Bag Sabers:
Apprentice series (Apprentice V4, Apprentice LE V4, Dark Apprentice V4, Dark Apprentice LE V4)
Aeon series (Aeon V2, Aeon LE V2, Aeon V3, Aeon LE V3, Aeon V4, Aeon LE V4)
Dominix series (Dominix V2, Dominix LE V2, Dominix V3, Dominix LE V3, Dominix V4, Dominix LE V4)
Initiate series (Initiate V2, Initiate LE V2, Dark Initiate V2, Dark Initiate LE V2, Initiate V3, Initiate LE V3, Dark Initiate V3, Dark Initiate LE V3, Initiate V4, Dark Initiate LE V4
Sentinel (Sentinel V4, Sentinel LE V4, Dark Sentinel V4, Dark Sentinel LE V4)

Standard Issue V3, Dark Standard Issue V3, Prophecy V3 and Dark Prophecy V3 will turn up from time to time. It’s theoretically possible, but highly unlikely, to get some of their more of their higher-end sabers. I’ve also heard in very rare cases that someone’s gotten a sounds saber [UPDATE 1/29/2018: Ultrasabers states on their Grab Bag Sabers page “the Grab Bag Saber is one stunt (no sound) saber selected at random”].

In the past year so I’ve gotten maybe a dozen or so Grab Bag Sabers. The Ultrasabers Grab Bag Saber I got that retailed for the most money was Dark Prophecy V3 stunt saber that retails for about $120 and I paid $55 (without the blade).

If you do want to choose your color, which I know is pretty important to some people, you can pay an additional $5-$12 extra to select your color. Some people either want to ensure they get a favorite color, like Guardian Blue or Consular Green. Other people would be disappointed to receive their least favorite color. In either case, you may consider paying a little extra to receive your blade color of choice.

Grab Bag Sabers also allow you to remove the blade from your order. A Grab Bag Saber without the blade costs $55. If you include the blade, the Grab Bag Saber costs $70. The blade is a full size 36 inch lightsaber blade. You can choose an Ultraedge (whitish blade) or standard blade (silvery blade). You can also select a heavy grade blade (for heavy dueling) or midgrade blade (for light dueling).

An alternative method for getting a blade for your saber is by visiting the accessories section of the Ultrasabers website and getting a Grab Bag Blade for $10 (which saves you $5). The Full Size Grab Bag blade would be: 32 inches, 36 inches or sometimes 40 inches. You don’t have control over the length of the Full Size Grab Bag Blade and sometimes blade may have some minor scratches, wrinkles in the blade film, etc.

Similarly, one of the downsides of a Grab Bag Saber is the hilt may have some imperfections like: tiny scratches, scruffs, small dents, unusable recharge port, etc. You can reframe any scratches or scuffs as “battle damage”, if you like. I’ve also received Ultrasabers Grab Bag Sabers with useless recharge ports.

Sometimes Grab Bag Sabers include upgrades. Some some saber upgrades I’ve received on Grab Bag Sabers include: windows in the emitter, AV switch, premium light color (i.e. Arctic Blue) or TRI CREE LED. I’ve never received a hilt with an added Covertec wheel, although I have received at least one Grab Bag Saber with a screw hole for a Covertec wheel.

Grab Bag Sabers are a nice option if you’re okay with taking a little bit of a chance on the hilt model and hilt options. Just be realistic with your expectations because the vast majority of the lightsaber hilts that people receive will be worth around $100 or less, although receiving a higher end hilt is theoretically possible.

Have you purchased an Ultrasabers Grab Bag Saber? Which saber model did you receive?

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