Where to Buy Nano Biscotte V4 by Plecter Labs Lightsaber Soundboard

Nano Biscotte V4, by Plecter Labs, is one of the most popular custom saber soundboards on the market. Plecter Labs no longer sells the Nano Biscotte directly, except in the case of high quantity orders. Instead, Nano Biscotte V4 is sold through three official distribution channels in three different countries: The Custom Saber Shop (United States), JQ Sabers (United Kingdom), and Elegant Weapons (France).

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The Custom Saber Shop (based in the USA)
$67 for just the soundboard; $74.99 for a pre-wired version (as of 4/6/2018)

JQSabers (based in England)
£45.84 for the soundboard (roughly $65, as of 4/6/2018) [excludes local tax]

Elegant Weapons (based in France)
59 € for the soundboard (roughly $73, as of 4/6/2018) [excludes local tax]

Plecter Labs
– they will answer inquires about the board and can also deal with bulk orders

Nano Biscotte Soundboard on eBay [DISCLAIMER: this is an affiliate link]
– price varies by seller and version of Nano Biscotte
– always thoroughly inspect seller feedback and item description before purchasing
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Usually, purchasing the soundboard from the distributor that’s geographically closest to you is the cheapest and fastest way to receive a Nano Biscotte. If you’re buying multiple soundboards, however, you may be able to occasionally save some money due to fluctuations in currency conversion by purchasing from an international Nano Biscotte seller. Consider that you may have to pay an import fee if you purchase from another country, though.

If the Nano Biscotte V4 soundboard is out of stock from the three official distributors, you can also check for the Nano Biscotte V4 on eBay or ask around in different saber forums and groups. Consider that sometimes it’s difficult for the official distributors to keep Nano Biscotte V4, especially around the time that a new Star Wars movie is released.

If you order bulk Nano Biscotte soundboards directly from Plecter Labs, the official distributors and some saber manufacturers will often get priority over your order so you may need to wait.

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