How to Install a Covertec Wheel Using a Lightsaber Blade Retention Screw Hole

Let’s say one day you decide you want to wear your lightsaber hilt, but unfortunately the model that you purchased doesn’t have the hole near the bottom of the hilt for you to install a Covertec wheel. You do have at least one alternative if you either don’t have the tools to drill and tap screw a hole near the bottom of the hilt or you just don’t want to do it.

You can actually repurpose another hole in the lightsaber hilt and that’s the hole for the blade retention screw. What you do you’ll have to get a different screw though because the regular blade retention screw it doesn’t have a head on it so you’ll need to make sure that you get a screw that does because otherwise that won’t be able to hold the Covertec wheel in place.

Once you have your blade retention screw with a head, you just take your Covertecwheel and the screw with the head on it and then you are able to install the Covertec wheel right into the blade retention screw hole. Now you can easily wear your lightsaber on your belt so that’s just kind of an easy hack.

CAUTION: The LED is pointed upward if you attach the Covertec wheel this way. You may want to remove the the batteries or install a blade plug so that you or someone else doesn’t get blinded by the LED if the switch gets bumped while you’re walking around.

Nevertheless, using the blade retention screw hole to temporarily install a Covertec wheel is kind of a simple hack. Just try not to lose any of the blade retention screws in the process!

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