4 Types of Covertec Wheels for Lightsabers and Who Sells Them

Covertec wheels

Let’s talk about 4 different types of Covertec wheels and where to find them (scroll to the bottom of the article to find a list of Covertec wheel sellers). A Covertec wheel is a circular button or knob on some lightsaber hilts that’s designed to attach to a Covertec belt clip. The Covertec belt clip … Read more

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Lightsaber Belt Clip Full Review

Galaxy's Edge lightsaber belt clip

The Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Lightsaber Belt Clip is a handy, dual purpose belt clip that allows lightsaber enthusiasts to attach a lightsaber hilt with a Covertec wheel or a D-ring to their belt or pants waistband. The lightsaber belt clip is designed specifically for the Disney Parks lightsabers, including the legacy lightsabers from Dok-Ondar’s … Read more

Covertec Wheel for Wearing your Lightsaber Hilt: What You Should Know

lightsaber Covertec wheels

A Covertec wheel is a button or knob attached to a lightsaber hilt. A Covertec wheel connects to a Covertec belt clip, allowing you to wear your lightsaber hilt. The Covertec belt clip system, along with the D-ring belt clip system, is one of the most popular methods that lightsaber enthusiasts wear this lightsaber. Covertec … Read more

How to Display a Lightsaber Hilt WITHOUT a Stand

lightsaber hilt display without a stand

Some lightsaber hilts can be displayed on your bookshelf or on your table with a stand. Since most lightsabers are very cylindrical in shape, you need to be careful setting them on a flat surface because you don’t want them to roll off. That’s one of the reasons why people will buy a lightsaber stand, … Read more

Saberforge Empty Hilts (Initiate Tier): What to expect

Saberforge Prodigal Son lightsaber and Saberforge Fallen lightsaber

What’s included with Saberforge empty hilts or Initiate Tier lightsabers, as Saberforge calls them? Saberforge Fallen and Saberforge Prodigal Son, both featured in the article’s photo, are totally empty hilts (no electronics). One thing you may notice right away is that there are no open activation switch holes. Saberforge Fallen features two dummy switches and … Read more

Ultrasabers upgrade features: AV Switch, Windows, TRI CREE and Beyond

Ultrasabers lightsaber low end hilt models

Ultrasabers offers many upgrade features on their lightsabers, but which ones are worth the price? Lets walk through some of the benefits and drawbacks of optional upgrades on Ultrasabers lightsabers. Watch Which Ultrasabers upgrade features are worth the price? (AV switch, windows, TRI CREE, etc) on YouTube Premium LED color UpgradeUltrasabers offers some premium lightsaber colors. … Read more

Sabertrio Arclyte Review Stunt Saber (awesome quality AND price!)

Sabertrio Arclyte lightsaber

Sabertrio, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is arguably one of the most exciting new lightsaber companies of 2017. This is the Sabertrio Arclyte [Etsy AFFILIATE LINK] and it’s the silver and black version. Sabertrio manufactures some fantastic, high quality AND affordably priced lightsabers. I’m just totally in love with the Sabertrio Arclyte ever since I got … Read more

How to Wear Your Lightsaber: D-Ring vs Covertec Wheel

Wearing Your Lightsaber

The Covertec wheel and D-ring are the two primary methods you would use to wear your lightsaber hilt on your belt. Which method is better? That depends on what you’re looking for. A little backstory, the D-ring is what was used during the filming of the Original Trilogy. The actor would attach the lightsaber’s D-ring … Read more

How to Install a Covertec Wheel Using a Lightsaber Blade Retention Screw Hole

Covertec wheel in a blade retention screw hole

Let’s say one day you decide you want to wear your lightsaber hilt, but unfortunately the model that you purchased doesn’t have the hole near the bottom of the hilt for you to install a Covertec wheel. You do have at least one alternative if you either don’t have the tools to drill and tap … Read more

Covertec Clip Introduction: Wearing Your Lightsaber Hilt

The covertec clip is a simple, inexpensive and popular device for wearing a lightsaber hilt. Let’s take look at how a covertec clip and covertec wheel work and how they allow you to wear your lightsaber. A covertec wheel–which is also sometimes called covertec knob, is a small, flat cylindrical disc that attaches to your … Read more