How to Wear Your Lightsaber: D-Ring vs Covertec Wheel

The Covertec wheel and D-ring are the two primary methods you would use to wear your lightsaber hilt on your belt. Which method is better? That depends on what you’re looking for.

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A little backstory, the D-ring is what was used during the filming of the Original Trilogy. The actor would attach the lightsaber’s D-ring to a belt clip in order to wear the lightsaber hilt prop.The Covertec wheel and clip were used in the Prequel Trilogy. Like the D-ring, the Covertec wheel is attached to the lightsaber hilt. In order to fasten the wheel to clip, you

Covertec wheel and Covertec belt clip

hold both sides, the wheel slides into the center. The you release the sides and the Covertec wheel is locked into place. A benefit of the Covertec wheel is the hilt only moves side-to-side.

The D-ring allows the hilt a much wider range of motion when you’re walking, so the hilt can get jostled around a bit more and bump into your leg. One of the other differences is the placement of the D-ring or Covertec wheel. Theoretically you’re able to install a D-ring or Covertec wheel almost anywhere you choose on the lightsaber hilt. Realistically, however, the Covertec wheel should be installed somewhere on the side of the side. The Covertec wheel is most commonly installed on the side of the hilt near the pommel area.

Some people dislike Covertec wheels because they feel the wheel gets in the way during a lightsaber duel since it’s a lumpy spot, often placed near the end of the hilt. Of course, you could simply unscrew the Covertec wheel before a duel, although that’s a bit of a hassle.

D-ring and belt clip

D-rings are installed on a variety areas on a lightsaber hilt. Sometimes D-rings are installed on the side near the pommel, much like a Covertec wheel. Other times a D-ring are installed on the pommel itself. Occasionally, a D-ring is installed on the side of the hilt near the emitter area. A benefit of installing a D-ring on the bottom of the pommel is that the D-ring stays out of the way during dueling. Another benefit of the D-ring is you can decide to add a D-ring after you’ve purchased a saber and you won’t necessarily need to drill a hole. You could just purchase a pommel with a D-ring on the bottom.

If you want to install a Covertec wheel on your lightsaber after receiving your saber, then you’re going to have to drill a screw hole for the Covertec wheel. One last note, if you’re looking at continuity, the D-ring is more conventional for costumes or characters from Star Wars: A New Hope or later. The Covertec wheel is more for the Old Republic and Prequel era, so if you want to follow these types of continuity conventions, then that may also sway your choice between a Covertec wheel and a D-ring.

Personally, I think it’s more important to select which ever option is more comfortable to you.


Which lightsaber wearing method do you prefer; Covertec wheel or D-ring? Do you prefer any of the alternatives to the Covertec wheel or D-ring?

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