Ultimate Works LA9 The Princess Lightsaber Unveiled | New Saber Alert

The Pach Store unveiled the Ultimate Works LA9 The Princess lightsaber. The custom sabers are inspired by the design of the Leia lightsaber.

Saberforge Lightsaber Covertech Belt Clip V2 Review | Dual-Purpose D-Ring or Covertec Belt Clip

The Saberforge Covertech Belt Clip V2, also known as the Saberforge Covertech Belt Clip 02, is a dual-purpose lightsaber belt clip enabling users to wear a custom lightsaber hilt equipped with Covertec wheel or a D-ring (or Tri-ring or O-ring). The versatile, plastic belt clip is made by and sold by the custom saber company … Read more

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Lightsaber Belt Clip Full Review

Galaxy's Edge lightsaber belt clip

The Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Lightsaber Belt Clip is a handy, dual purpose belt clip that allows lightsaber enthusiasts to attach a lightsaber hilt with a Covertec wheel or a D-ring to their belt or pants waistband. The lightsaber belt clip is designed specifically for the Disney Parks lightsabers, including the legacy lightsabers from Dok-Ondar’s … Read more

How to Wear Your Lightsaber: D-Ring vs Covertec Wheel

Wearing Your Lightsaber

The Covertec wheel and D-ring are the two primary methods you would use to wear your lightsaber hilt on your belt. Which method is better? That depends on what you’re looking for. A little backstory, the D-ring is what was used during the filming of the Original Trilogy. The actor would attach the lightsaber’s D-ring … Read more