Saberforge Lightsaber Covertech Belt Clip V2 Review | Dual-Purpose D-Ring or Covertec Belt Clip

The Saberforge Covertech Belt Clip V2, also known as the Saberforge Covertech Belt Clip 02, is a dual-purpose lightsaber belt clip enabling users to wear a custom lightsaber hilt equipped with Covertec wheel or a D-ring (or Tri-ring or O-ring). The versatile, plastic belt clip is made by and sold by the custom saber company Saberforge.

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Saberforge Covertech Belt Clip V2 is likely compatible with many custom sabers with Covertec wheels, however the Covertec belt clip MAY NOT be compatible with Disney Parks lightsabers (e.g. Savi’s Workshop lightsabers, legacy lightsabers, etc.). The hook section of the belt clip should accommodate most standard lightsaber D-ring styles, including the D-rings on Disney Parks lightsabers.

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The Saberforge Covertech Belt Clip V2 enables users to wear a custom saber equipped with a Covertec wheel or a lightsaber with a D-ring. | IMAGE CREDIT SaberSourcing

Unlike some other styles of belt clips, the Saberforge Covertech Belt Clip V2 does not “lock” the lightsaber hilt, but rather relies on the downward pull of gravity to keep the hilt more or less in place at your side. Additionally, Covertech Belt Clip V2 is one piece and does not utilize any moving parts. The back of the device features a thick and sturdy clip that attaches to your belt or the top of your pants.

The u-shaped cutout section on the upper part of the belt clip easily accepts a Covertec wheel. The lightsaber hilt slides down until the Covertec wheel nests at the curved end of the “U”. The lightsaber hilt could move side-to-side slightly when you walk around.

Saberforge Covetech Belt Clip V2 front (left) and back (right) | IMAGE CREDIT SaberSourcing

The hook on the lower part of the belt clip easily accepts D-ring, Tri-Ring or O-ring. Most common ring sizes will attach easily to the hook. When you walk around, as is the case with most D-ring belt clips, the lightsaber hilt will move slightly side-to-side, forward-and-backward, and anywhere else on the horizontal plane.

Dual-purpose D-ring or Covertec belt clip devices, like the Saberforge Covertech Belt Clip V2, are less common and specialized D-ring only or Covertec only belt clips. If you own or at some point plan to own some lightsabers with D-rings and other lightsabers with Covertec wheels, then you may enjoy the versatility of the Saberforge Covertech Belt Clip V2.

Saberforge, based in Oregon, is one of the largest custom saber companies in the world.

Saberforge Etsy Store affiliate link

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