Saberforge custom ASP Lightsaber Hilt Review ‘Emauler Prophecy’

This is a Saberforge custom ASP lightsaber that I’ve named ‘Emauler Prophecy’. Since Saberforge ASP lightsabers do not have names, I named it ‘Emauler Prophecy’, a mash-up of the names of several of the parts used to construct the lightsaber hilt. Adaptive Saber Parts (ASP) is a mix-and-match system of modular Saberforge components. The system allows you to select an Emitter, Switch Section, Body, and Pommel in order to build you own lightsaber with your own custom design. ‘Emauler Prophecy’ is one of countless design possibilities.

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Measuring 15 inches in length, Emauler Prophecy is an extremely long lightsaber hilt with a two-toned black and metallic silver color scheme. Over 40% of the hilt length comes from the Emitter Section.

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The 6.25 inch long Sinister Prophecy Emitter Section is one of the longer Saberforge ASP Emitter sections available. A u-shaped cutout bisects the long side of the slanted emitter. A low profile, katana-style tsuba (handguard) extends out of the emitter below the cutout. Either side of the lower part of the emitter features a long, black, stadium-shaped recessed section. Each recessed section contains two, stadium-shaped vertical windows, one stacked above the other. Two thin, black accent grooves are situated near the bottom of the emitter section.

The Mauler Switch Section, which is only 2.95 inches long, features the two switch holes for the hilt along with a Prequel Trilogy style metallic red thumbscrew greeblie and a dull, silver colored greeblie below it. The Mauler Switch Section features gorgeous milled details, like black lines and rectangles.

The 5 inch long body section, called 10 Body Section, is the body and grip section from the Saberforge Emerald Knight lightsaber. Emerald Knight is a custom saber inspired by the ‘speeder bike handle’ Corran Horn lightsaber. The 10 Body features two large black, knurled cutout sections that serve as the grip section of the hilt. The body features a Covertec wheel, along with some shorter, vertical cutouts and a series of three, thin grooves near the base of the body.

Finally, the bold and black 06 Pommel Section caps of the end of the hilt. The vented pommel, which is 1.7 inches long, is defined by a series of four futuristic, rocket ship style fins that encircle the base. Each fin features some silver accents.

Saberforge, based in Oregon, is one of the largest custom saber companies in the world.

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Image depicts a custom Saberforge ASP lightsaber

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