Ultrasabers Deal of the Day Lightsaber Discounts: What You Should Know

The Ultrasabers Deal of the Day is a section on the Ultrasabers website typically offering a fixed dollar amount discount, often ranging from $10 off to around $25 off, one or more specific Ultrasabers lightsaber hilt designs. Each Deal of the Day promotion runs for a set amount of time and features an expiration date. Occasionally, Ultrasabers does not offer any Deal of the Day discounts at all.

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Ultrasabers Deal of the Day section

Ultrasabers Deal of the Day screenshot
Screenshot of an Ultrasabers Deal of the Day promotion | IMAGE CREDIT Ultrasabers

The Ultrasabers Deal of the Day discount DOES NOT require a coupon code. The dollar amount discount is reflected during checkout. The Ultrasabers Deal of the Day discount applies to ANY configuration of the hilt model, including: Empty Hilt, Stunt Saber (no sound), or any of the sound saber configurations.

Since the Deal of the Day discount is a fixed dollar amount price discount rather than a percentage discount, an Empty Hilt will receive a higher proportional discount to the original price than the more expensive stunt saber or sound saber configuration. For example, if Ultrasabers offers a $25 off Deal of the Day discount on Dark Catalyst, then a Dark Catalyst Empty Hilt would be $89.00 (or about 22% off the regular $114 price) while a Dark Catalyst Stunt Saber would be $129 (or about 16% off the $154 price).

The Deal of the Day discount is often combinable with an Ultrasabers splash page sale. For example, if Ultrasabers is offering a 10% Off All Sabers sale at the same time as a Deal of the Day, then the 10% off discount may be combined with the Deal of the Day discount. Ultrasabers splash page sales typically require the use of a coupon code during checkout.

Ultrasabers, based in Texas, is one of the largest custom saber companies in the world.

Image depicts an Ultrasabers Manticore lightsaber hilt

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