What is a tsuba? (Lightsaber Terminology)

A tsuba (pronounced SOO-BUH) is a handguard component located near the top of a lightsaber hilt in the emitter area. A tsuba protects the hand from getting hit by an opponent’s lightsaber blade, may change the balance point on the saber hilt, and serves as a decorative piece.

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Lightsaber tsubas, inspired by Japanese katana tsubas, vary in their weight, material, and ornateness. Part of the appeal of a lightsaber tsuba is that the handguard harkens back to the samurai and Japanese sword arts. Japanese sword arts, like Kendo, strongly influenced George Lucas’ creation of Star Wars.

Many custom saber companies like Saberforge, Vader’s Vault, The Pach Store and more are now selling katana-style lightsabers with tsuba or a tsuba as an add-on option. Etsy seller Blue Force Sabers sells various plastic tsubas (see the SaberSourcing review of a Blue Force Sabers tsuba) that slide over 1 inch diameter lightsaber blades and attach to the blade with a retention screw.

Some complete lightsaber hilts with tsuba include:
Ares (Saberforge)
Eris (Saberforge)
Katana (Saberforge)
Katana Saber (The Pach Store)
Legionnaire (Vader’s Vault)
Mitsurugi 3K (Vader’s Vault)
Ronin Mk1 (Saberforge)
Ronin Mk2 (Saberforge)
Ronin Mk3 (Saberforge)
Katana (Saberforge)
Katana (YDD Saber)
Katana Saber (The Pach Store)

Removeable Lightsaber Tsuba:
Saber Tsuba; various designs (Blue Force Sabers; etsy seller)
Arbiter Accessory for Kyberlight (Kyberlight) [AFFILIATE LINK]
Plasmafier Accessory for Kyberlight (Kyberlight) [AFFILIATE LINK]
Oda Tsuba for Legionnaire Sabers (Vader’s Vault)

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