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This Ultrasabers Dark Sentinel V4 lightsaber uses a guarded metallic-red switch and a blazing red blade. At 12.375 inches long and 1.45 inches wide, Dark Sentinel V4 is a two-handed lightsaber. The hilt features two choke points: one located above the emitter switch and the other located below, allowing for easier lightsaber spinning.

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The comfortable, grooved grip portion near the pommel of the hilt allows for easier handling and customization. For example, you could also add O-rings or other embellishments to grip section. You could also add O-rings to the two groove in the emitter area of the lightsaber hilt.

The single blade retention screw is located near the top of the emitter area. The blade is removable from all Ultrasabers lightsabers. The pommel on the Dark Sentinel V4 is removable and is MHS (Modular Hilt System) compatible, meaning a variety of Ultrasabers pommels as well as some pommels from The Custom Saber Shop could be attached to the end of the hilt.

The ‘Dark’ Sentinel V4 differs from the Sentinel V4 only in its color. ‘Dark’ Ultrasabers lightsaber hilts are anodized black, which standard Sentinel V4 lightsabers hilts metallic silver in color. The slightly pricer Dark Sentinel LE V4 lightsaber contains some added metallic silver accent marks in the grooves. Adding windows in the emitter to the lightsaber hilt is another attractive upgrade.

The Dark Sentinel V4 is nearly same design as Dark Apprentice V4. The main differences between Dark Sentinel V4 and Dark Apprentice V4 are the fact that Dark Sentinel V4 is longer and boasts one extra choke point below the activation switch. If you’re looking for a one-handed lightsaber, Dark Apprentice V4 may be a better option, but if you’re looking for a longer, two-handed lightsaber, Dark Sentinel V4 could be the lightsaber for you.

Dark Sentinel V4 is one of the more basic and reasonably priced lightsabers on the Ultrasabers website. Dark Sentinel V4 is also one of the common lightsabers people receive as a Mystery Box Saber or Grab Bag Saber.

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