Ultrasabers lightsaber collection | Mystery Box, Grab Bag Sabers

Ultrasabers lightsaber collection

This is my current Ultrasabers lightsaber collection. You see a variety of lightsaber blade colors and a few different hilt styles. I received most of these lightsabers as Grab Bag Sabers or Mystery Box Sabers so I didn’t have control over the blade color or hilt style. I got some of the Initiate V2 sabers … Read more

Ultrasabers Dark Sentinel V4 Lightsaber review | stunt saber

Ultrasabers Dark Sentinel V4 lightsaber

This Ultrasabers Dark Sentinel V4 lightsaber uses a guarded metallic-red switch and a blazing red blade. At 12.375 inches long and 1.45 inches wide, Dark Sentinel V4 is a two-handed lightsaber. The hilt features two choke points: one located above the emitter switch and the other located below, allowing for easier lightsaber spinning. Watch Ultrasabers Dark Sentinel … Read more