Yes, you can ‘lose’ on an Ultrasabers Grab Bag Saber (no guaranteed value)

Ultrasabers Dominix V2 lightsaber

Yes, you can lose money on an Ultrasabers Grab Bag Saber. I received an Ultrasabers Dominix V2 as a Grab Bag Saber. The saber hilt has no upgrades and a Fire Orange LED. Dominix V2 retails for $64.99 on the Ultrasabers website. An Ultrasabers Grab Bag Saber retails for $70, so that’s a loss of $4.99. Watch Yes, … Read more

Ultrasabers lightsaber collection | Mystery Box, Grab Bag Sabers

Ultrasabers lightsaber collection

This is my current Ultrasabers lightsaber collection. You see a variety of lightsaber blade colors and a few different hilt styles. I received most of these lightsabers as Grab Bag Sabers or Mystery Box Sabers so I didn’t have control over the blade color or hilt style. I got some of the Initiate V2 sabers … Read more

Ultrasabers Dominix V2 Lightsaber Full review | Fire Orange Stunt Saber

Ultrasabers Dominix V2 lightsaber with Fire Orange blade

The Ultrasabers Dominix V2 is one of the cheapest lightsabers that Ultrasabers sells. All of the Ultrasabers V2 hilts by Ultrasabers are stunt sabers (no sound) or empty hilts only. Ultrasabers V2 hilts are NOT available as sound sabers since they are smaller in diameter than the other Ultrasabers lightsaber hilts. The smaller diameter also … Read more