What is an anodized lightsaber hilt? (Lightsaber Terminology)

Anodizing is an electrochemical process that adds a protective film to a metal lightsaber hilt. Anodizing prevents corrosion and, along with powder coating, is a common method for adding a color to lightsaber hilt.

Anodized hilts have a is very uniform and consistent color so unlike paint it doesn’t clump up anywhere. Also, unlike paint, anodized hilts will not chip or peel which is really awesome and that’s because the anodizing process creates a protective aluminum oxide layer and the dyes are actually absorbed right into that layer.

Anodizing is an¬†electrochemical process and it’s pretty neat that it doesn’t chip or peel. For example, if you look at a lightsaber pommel you would think over time that maybe the threading would wear off the color, but the color will not wear off with an anodized hilt.

Anodizing is most commonly used with aluminum or aluminium alloys and many¬†lightsabers are aluminum so that’s one of the reasons you’ll see many lightsaber hilts that add color to the hilt through anodizing. So if you ever see that term ‘anodized black’ or ‘anodized gold’ it’s just a certain way of adding color to the lightsaber hilt.

COVER IMAGE: various anodized lightsaber hilts

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