Are Saberforge Mystery Box Sabers gone for good?!

Are Saberforge Mystery Box Sabers gone for good? You’ll notice that if you visit the Saberforge website right now, Mystery Box Sabers are nowhere to be found! The sabers are not on the navigation bar and they’re not featured on the home page like they have been in the past.

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Saberforge does not even state that the sabers are sold out–you can’t find the page at all. Why is this? Well, Saber forge recently released a statement that said,

“For the most part mystery sabers are what we have left over after doing conventions. Our next few conventions aren’t till April so I don’t see them coming back before May. Sorry guys.”  [SOURCE: Saber Forge Mystery Box Sabers! Saberforge Forum topic]

So the reason why Saberforge has taken the Mystery Box Sabers off their website is because Saberforge does not anticipate Mystery Box Sabers being in stock again until May 2018. That’s a little bit of a long wait, if you ask me, and in some ways it’s kind of unfortunate. Saberforge Mystery Box Sabers are a very popular selling item and if the Mystery Box Saber inventory is contingent upon Saberforge attending conventions, then the Mystery Box Saber inventory will always be very limited. You’d think it would be to Saberforge’s benefit to not rely on conventions to create their their Mystery Box Saber inventory and instead dip into their regular inventory to fulfill Mystery Box Saber orders. That’s just my opinion, though.

The official word from Saberforge right now is that their Mystery Box Sabers will likely be out of stock until May 2018.

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