What is an Enhanced Day Blade? | Lightsaber Terminology

An Enhanced Day Blade is a lightsaber day blade variation offering a slightly brighter blade illumination than a standard day blade, when the blade is matched with a similar LED color. The blade, which features dual diffusion, is intended for use in environments with lots of light, especially at conventions and events. Enhanced Day Blades … Read more

5 FASTEST Ways to Get a Lightsaber

getting a lightsaber fast

Need a lightsaber FAST? Many custom lightsaber companies have notoriously long wait times ranging from several weeks to even months before the company ships a lightsaber order. Worse yet, some custom lightsaber companies ship orders later than their advertised shipping window on their website. If you need to get a lightsaber sooner rather than later, … Read more

Force Ghost Sabers Develops Covertec Blade Holder | New Product Alert

Force Ghost Sabers blade holder

Etsy seller Force Ghost Sabers [affiliate link] developed a new device called the Covertec Blade Holder. The Covertec Blade Holder allows lightsaber enthusiasts to easily wear a lightsaber blade on their belt separately from the hilt. Lightsabers are rarely worn with the blade attached. Wearing the blade separately from the hilt helps prevent the blade from dragging on … Read more

Are Saberforge Mystery Box Sabers gone for good?!

Saberforge Exile lightsaber

Are Saberforge Mystery Box Sabers gone for good? You’ll notice that if you visit the Saberforge website right now, Mystery Box Sabers are nowhere to be found! The sabers are not on the navigation bar and they’re not featured on the home page like they have been in the past. Saberforge does not even state that … Read more