Amazon Prime Day: Select Force FX Lightsabers Discounted up to 60% Off

Kylo Ren Force FX lightsaber

Amazon Prime Day in 2019 includes deep discounts on select Star Wars: The Black Series Force FX lightsabers. Amazon Prime Day, which actually runs for two days on July 15 and July 16, 2019, is an annual shopping holiday exclusive to Amazon Prime members. Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers Included in Amazon Prime Day [affiliate … Read more

5 FASTEST Ways to Get a Lightsaber

getting a lightsaber fast

Need a lightsaber FAST? Many custom lightsaber companies have notoriously long wait times ranging from several weeks to even months before the company ships a lightsaber order. Worse yet, some custom lightsaber companies ship orders later than their advertised shipping window on their website. If you need to get a lightsaber sooner rather than later, … Read more

Why doesn’t Amazon list more custom lightsabers? (Discussion)

custom sabers from various companies

Why doesn’t Amazon list more custom lightsabers? That question may have crossed your mind once or twice, especially since Amazon can be a fast, convenient, and affordable platform for purchasing officially licensed lightsabers, like the Hasbro Star Wars: The Black Series Force FX lightsabers. Prices on Force FX lightsabers, along with other items, do fluctuate … Read more

The EXTREMELY POPULAR Budget Sound Saber: Who Sells It and What You Should Know

Budget sound saber

One of the cheapest and most popular budget sound sabers on the market is Yddsaber (QD Soundboard) by China-based custom lightsaber manufacturer YDD Saber. The affordable custom sound saber is called many different names by different vendors including [contains AFFILIATE LINKS]: The Tiny Giant Kyojin (from WonderForce Etsy Store and The Pach Store), Youngling Saber (from … Read more