Saberforge Facebook Group bans ‘commiserating about wait times’

Saberforge lightsabers

The lightsaber Facebook Group ‘Custom Lightsaber Owners, SaberForge, ParkSabers, Ultrasabers, FX, JK, JQ’ has banned posts “commiserating about [lightsaber] wait time”. Philip Isherwood, founder of Saberforge, announced the new rule in a Facebook post.

Why are lightsaber hilts called burritos on Facebook?

lightsaber burritos

If you’re in the market for a secondhand lightsaber hilt, Facebook can be a promising buying and selling platform. Many lightsaber-themed Facebook Groups include sales listings of secondhand lightsabers. Oftentimes a lightsaber is bewilderingly referred to as a “burrito” in the sales post title and description. Why? The answer relates to the Facebook algorithm. In … Read more

5 FASTEST Ways to Get a Lightsaber

getting a lightsaber fast

Need a lightsaber FAST? Many custom lightsaber companies have notoriously long wait times ranging from several weeks to even months before the company ships a lightsaber order. Worse yet, some custom lightsaber companies ship orders later than their advertised shipping window on their website. If you need to get a lightsaber sooner rather than later, … Read more

How to Sell a Lightsaber on Facebook for Free

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The lightsaber community is alive and thriving on Facebook, making the social media platform an easy and convenient place to sell a lightsaber. Many lightsaber enthusiasts sell lightsabers in lightsaber-themed ‘Buy and Sell’ Facebook groups like Custom Lightsaber Owners or The Vault: A Custom Lightsaber Community. Selling lightsabers on Facebook is free. Unfortunately, listing lightsabers … Read more

Top 4 Social Media Platforms Lightsaber Enthusiasts MUST Know About

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Out of the many social media platforms on the internet, there are four standouts that every lightsaber enthusiasts must know about. These platforms provide invaluable resources for buyers, sellers and anyone who wants the stay up to speed with new lightsaber companies, products, and technologies. Watch Top 4 Social Media Platforms Lightsaber Enthusiasts MUST Know About … Read more