How to Sell a Lightsaber on Facebook for Free

The lightsaber community is alive and thriving on Facebook, making the social media platform an easy and convenient place to sell a lightsaber. Many lightsaber enthusiasts sell lightsabers in lightsaber-themed ‘Buy and Sell’ Facebook groups like Custom Lightsaber Owners or The Vault: A Custom Lightsaber Community. Selling lightsabers on Facebook is free.

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Unfortunately, listing lightsabers is a bit tricky due to the current Facebook selling algorithms. Although selling lightsabers on Facebook is allowed, Facebook bans the sale of weapons like guns on its website. As a result, many lightsaber listings get removed from Facebook because certain keywords and images make the lightsaber look like a weapon to Facebook.

Here are some guidelines to help you avoid some common pitfalls and successfully sell a lightsaber on Facebook.

1. Select a Lightsaber Group to Sell the Lightsaber
There are many lightsaber ‘Buy and Sell’ groups on Facebook (scroll to the bottom of the page for a list). You can select one or several of these groups to sell your lightsaber. Larger groups will expose you to more potential buyers, but your listing may also get buried faster than it would in a smaller group.

2. Read the Group’s Selling Rules
Every lightsaber group has different rules regarding selling items. Some groups require members to remove their listing after a certain amount of time passes, for example. Don’t makes a sales post in a Facebook group without reading the rules first.

3. Create a ‘Sell Something’ Post with a Compelling Title and Description
At the top of the group page, click the ‘Sell Sometime’ tab (not the ‘Start Discussion’ tab). Write a clear title and detailed description, but avoid using weapon sounding words or Facebook may remove your post. Some words to avoid include: lightsaber, saber, hilt, blade, weapon, sword, replica, duel, laser, etc.

selling a lightsaber on Facebook
Get started by clicking the ‘Sell Something’ tab in the Facebook group.

The title should include the brand and model name (e.g. ‘Ultimate Works The Lord’). Sometimes you can abbreviate the brand name (e.g. US for Ultrasabers, VV for Vader’s Vault, GCS for Genesis Custom Sabers, etc). The description should include features, info about the electronics, and describe any scratches or defects.

Some sellers will euphemistically write ‘glowstick’ or ‘flashlight’ in the title or description in place of the word ‘lightsaber’.

4. Include the Price, Shipping and Payment Requirements
Including the price in the sales post, rather than saying something broad like ‘Open to Offers’ will increase the likelihood of someone contacting you to buy the item. The only exception may be if you have a highly customized, sought-after, one-of-a-kind lightsaber that you’re not quite sure how to price.

Some sellers accept cash only and offer free pickup, however, this limits the pool of potential buyers. Many sellers will offer to ship the lightsaber within their home country or worldwide.

Buyers and sellers often feel safer by routing the transaction through Paypal. Paypal is a common and trusted payment method with protections in place for both buyers and sellers. Consider that the seller must pay roughly 3-4% in fees on Paypal transactions.

5. Link to Photos or Add Photos in the Post’s Comments Section
Facebook has been removing lightsaber posts that include photos in the original post. You can link to photos of your lightsaber on another website like Imgur. Use your own photos, and not stock photos. You could also add photos in the comments section after you make the sales post.

6. Monitor Your Sales Post and Wait for an Offer
Some lightsabers sell quickly, while others take a week or more to sell. Make sure watch your sales listing and answer questions promptly and add additional photos, if necessary. An interested buyer may PM you with an offer to buy the lightsaber. Arrange for payment and ship the item promptly after payment is received.

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Some Facebook Lightsaber Groups include (membership numbers as of 3/1/2019)
Custom Lightsaber Owners, SaberForge, ParkSabers, Ultrasabers, FX, JK, JQ (27,000+ members)
The Vault: A Custom Lightsaber Community (17,000+ members)
Elite Lightsaber Society (13,000+ members)
Collector Custom Lightsabers (2,700+ members)
Lightsaber Market/ (2,200+ members)
Custom Lightsabers / Star Wars Buy & Sell Worldwide (1,300+ members)
Lightsaber Enthusiasts (142 members; group started by SaberSourcing)

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