First Look at Savi & Son Salvage: Disney’s New Lightsaber Building Shop at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Park

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, a new Star Wars land opening at Disneyland and Disney World later in 2019, will feature a build-your-own lightsaber shop. The lighsaber shop, called Savi & Son Salvage, allows aspiring Jedi or Sith to sign up for a build session.

concept art of Savi & Son Salvage, a lightsaber building shop in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge | IMAGE CREDIT Disney Parks/Lucasfilm

Under the guidance of shop employees called The Gathers, guests mix and match parts during the build session in order to assemble their very own personalized and customized lightsaber. The lightsaber building parts are higher in quality than the existing plastic Hasbro Star Wars Bladebuilder’s toy line.

In addition to assembling their own lightsaber hilt, guests also select a kyber crystal.¬†Available kyber crystal colors include: blue, green, red, or Mace Windu purple. In addition to ‘powering’ the lightsaber, the kyber crystal may be removed and attached to a cube-shaped¬†holocron. Attaching the kyber crystal to the holocron will enable the Force user to hear the wisdom and guidance of ancient masters.

The storefront for Savi & Son Salvage is written in Aurebesh, a writing system commonly used in the Star Wars Galaxy.

The starting price for a Savi & Son Salvage lightsaber with blade will be around $160. The lightsabers are officially licensed by Disney.

SOURCE: A Guide to the Shops of Star: Galaxy’s Edge ( article; Retrieved 2/28/2018)

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IMAGE CREDIT: Disney Parks
rendering of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

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