Saberforge Facebook Group bans ‘commiserating about wait times’

The lightsaber Facebook Group ‘Custom Lightsaber Owners, SaberForge, ParkSabers, Ultrasabers, FX, JK, JQ’ has announced a new ban on posts “commiserating about [lightsaber] wait times”. Penalties for violating the rule include, “Automatic [one] week suspension….[and] ban for a second offense.” Custom saber company Saberforge started the Custom Lightsaber Owners lightsaber Facebook group in 2014. Philip Isherwood, founder of Saberforge, announced the new rule in a Facebook post in the group.

Screen shot of the new rules announcement in the Custom Lightsaber Owners group

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Since its 2014 founding, the Custom Lightsaber Owner… group has amassed over 38,000 members, making it one of the larger lightsaber groups on Facebook. Saberforge founder Philip Isherwood determines the rules and moderates the group along with a team of three additional moderators.

Lightsaber wait times are a common discussion topic among lightsaber enthusiasts. Stated lightsaber wait times commonly exceed several months and order delays, some justified and some not justified, are exceedingly common. Customers and prospective customers of custom saber companies frequently consult lightsaber groups, forums, and YouTube to try to gauge how long a lightsaber order from a company may take to ship.

Although the COVID pandemic continues to disrupt the custom saber company supply chain and production process, communication and transparency about order delays vastly varies among custom saber companies. While some custom saber companies quickly provide updates and communicate delays to customers, other custom saber companies, large and small, have reportedly not communicated delays to customers at all, either through individual contact or through a mass message.

Failing to communicate order delays is a possible violation of the Federal Trade Commission’s Prompt Delivery Rules. According to the FTC, companies “must have a reasonable basis for stating that a product can be shipped within a certain time.” The FTC also outlines specific “ground rules for making promises about shipments, notifying consumers about unexpected delays, and refunding consumers’ money.”

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Custom Lightsaber Owners, SaberForge, ParkSabers, Ultrasabers, FX, JK, JQ is a lightsaber themed Facebook group founded and overseen by Saberforge. The group has over 38,000 members.

Custom Lightsaber Owners… Facebook Group

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