Why doesn’t Amazon list more custom lightsabers? (Discussion)

Why doesn’t Amazon list more custom lightsabers? That question may have crossed your mind once or twice, especially since Amazon can be a fast, convenient, and affordable platform for purchasing officially licensed lightsabers, like the Hasbro Star Wars: The Black Series Force FX lightsabers. Prices on Force FX lightsabers, along with other items, do fluctuate on Amazon, so you definitely need to price compare. Nevertheless, Amazon can offer some competitively priced, licensed lightsabers.

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Amazon lists very few custom lightsabers. A few YDD Saber custom lightsabers are listed on Amazon [AFFILIATE LINK], including the flagship budget friendly YDD lightsaber that’s sometimes called the Youngling Saber or The Tiny Giant Kyojin. China based YDD Saber primarily manufactures low-end, budget friendly lightsabers with metal hilts. Not all YDD Saber lightsabers are listed on Amazon, however.

Aside from YDD Saber lightsabers, NONE of the other lightsabers from major custom lightsaber manufacturers are currently listed on Amazon. Amazon lacks lightsabers from: Ultrasabers, Saberforge, Vader’s Vault, Electrum Sabercrafts, Sabertrio, Kyberlight and more. None of these lightsabers are listed on Amazon (Kyberlight has sold some accessories on Amazon, but not the lightsaber itself).

There are several reasons why very few custom lightsabers appear on Amazon. One of the main reasons is the steep selling fees. Selling fees on Amazon are very high, around 15% or more, depending on multiple factors. Although the selling fees are high, the Amazon platform remains one of the most popular ecommerce websites in the United States. Everybody seems to shop on Amazon, so selling there helps vendors tap into a large market of potential buyers that they might not otherwise reach.

Another major reason Amazon has few custom lightsaber listings is adding a new product to the website requires a VALID product ID number (GCID, UPC or EAN). Many custom lightsaber companies do not bother to register for a product ID number. Listing custom lightsabers on eBay or Etsy is much easier than listing lightsabers on Amazon. Neither eBay nor Etsy requires a product ID number. Ebay and Etsy just require a title, description and photo for a new listing to go live.

Let’s take a step back for a minute and imagine a world where an abundance of custom lightsabers ARE listed on Amazon. Imagine receiving lightsabers and lightsaber accessories with Amazon Prime’s 2 day shipping! Wouldn’t that be great? We’re probably not going to see that anytime soon. Still, as interest in lightsabers continues to grow, maybe some custom saber vendors will be willing to break into the Amazon market.

What do you think about Amazon’s lack of custom lightsabers and accessories?

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Star Wars The Black Series Force FX lightsabers on Amazon [AFFILIATE LINK]

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