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Etsy seller Force Ghost Sabers [affiliate link] developed a new device called the Covertec Blade Holder. The Covertec Blade Holder allows lightsaber enthusiasts to easily wear a lightsaber blade on their belt separately from the hilt.

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Lightsabers are rarely worn with the blade attached. Wearing the blade separately from the hilt helps prevent the blade from dragging on the ground and increases the wearer’s maneuverability and comfort while walking around at conventions or events like Star Wars Celebration or Comic-Con.

Force Ghost Sabers features two models of the Covertec Blade Holder: a model with a solid end and a model with an open end. The model with the open end is designed for shorter individuals, like children. The model with the open end is also adjustable and could accommodate a longer lightsaber blade.

Force Ghost Sabers demos the open ended model of the Covertec Blade Holder
Force Ghost Sabers demos the open ended model of the Covertec Blade Holder | IMAGE CREDIT Force Ghost Sabers

Each Force Ghost Sabers Covertec Blade Holder is primarily black in color and weathered to exhibit an ‘in-universe’ look (some styles also feature red and blue accent marks). The device features a Covertec wheel that attaches to a Covertec belt clip (not included) and a thumbscrew that allows the user to easily and quickly attach and detach the lightsaber blade from the Covertec Blade Holder.

Force Ghost Sabers is a United States based Etsy store that sells items including: Covertec Blade Holders, lightsaber wall hangers, and Star Wars inspired dog tags. The Force Ghost Sabers Etsy store opened in 2018.

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