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Rogue Arsenal [affiliate link] is a United States based custom saber Etsy store that offers lightsabers (including empty hilts, sound sabers, and neopixel sabers), lightsaber accessories, and services. Rogue Arsenal has made over 1300 sales since starting on Etsy in 2017.

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Etsy custom sabers, stands, accessories
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Rogue Arsenal Lightsabers
Rogue Arsenal sells several types of lightsabers including: empty hilts, sound sabers, and some neopixel sabers. Some of the empty hilts and installed lightsabers are by Korbanth. Some of the sound sabers are made by YDD Saber (including Dark Saber, Rogue Apprentice and Maverick). Rogue Apprentice is the popular budget friendly sound saber sold by many saber companies (e.g. it’s called Tiny Giant Kyojin at The Pach Store, Youngling Saber at Saberforge, etc).

Rogue Arsenal Accessories
In addition to selling lightsabers, Rogue Arsenal also offers a selection of lightsaber parts and accessories including: blades (including neopixel blades and flat acrylic blades), blade plugs (including neopixel blade plugs, a crystal chamber blade plugs, and some movie inspired blade plugs by KR Sabers), mounts, and other parts. Rogue Arsenal also notably offers a 3D printed replacement coupler for the Darth Maul Force FX Lightsaber.

Rogue Arsenal Services
The company also offers services including: custom lightsaber installs (including crystal chamber installs), powder coating, weathering and acid etching.

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