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YDD Saber, also known as Ningbo Hydsaber Technology Co., Ltd., is a China based custom saber company that launched in 2012. The company is mainly known for making budget custom lightsabers. The reason you may not have heard of this company by name is because if you go to YDD Saber’s website, the company primarily sells their sabers in bulk. For example, depending on the hilt model, some sabers require a minimum order of 500, 1000 or 5000 units. Most people don’t need 5000 lightsabers, let alone 50, so that’s one reason you may not have heard about YDD Saber.

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You may have seen YDD Saber around the internet without knowing it, though. Some vendors sells YDD Saber products in smaller bulk quantities on Alibaba. You’ll also see smaller quantities of YDD Saber lightsabers on Amazon [AFFILIATE LINK], AliExpress and eBay. The Pach Store sells a variety of YDD Saber products. The crossguard saber featured in this article is a YDD Saber product that I purchased from The Pach Store.

One of the most common YDD Saber models is the “Yddsaber(QD Soundboard)”. Several custom saber companies sell Yddsaber(QD Soundboard), but label the saber with their own name. Some stores that sell this saber include:
The Pach Store (named “Tiny Giant Kyojin”)
Saberforge (named “Youngling Saber 1”)
The Saber Armory by KR Sabers’ (named “ECO Saber”)

One thing to keep in mind is many of the YDD Sabers are budget sabers, so keep your expectations in check. Although the sabers are inexpensive, don’t expect them to perform like or last as long as a high end saber.

Some YDD Saber lightsabers are on Amazon [AFFILIATE LINK]

YDD Saber website

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