ACLightsabers LV Lightsaber | New Saber Alert

ACLightsabers LV Lightsaber

The ACLightsabers LV lightsaber has been released. The budget friendly custom saber features a simplified design that’s influenced by the appearance of the Darth Vader lightsaber. The LV lightsaber is available in three types of configurations: stunt saber (in-hilt LED only, no sound), sound saber with in-hilt LED, or neopixel saber. ACLightsabers released the LV … Read more

Crimson Dawn: Budget Friendly Stunt Sabers and Sound Sabers | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

Crimson Dawn Sabers, based in Texas, is a custom saber company specializing in budget friendly stunt sabers (no sound) and sound sabers. Several pricing tiers of Mystery Box Sabers and discounted bundles of two sabers are available as well. Crimson Dawn Sabers Disclaimer: This article is intended for informational purposes only. SaberSourcing does not … Read more

Spartan Sabers: Budget YDD Saber Seller | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

YDD Saber crossguard

Spartan Sabers is a United States based custom saber company. They are located in North Carolina. Spartan Sabers carries a wide variety of products from YDD Saber. YDD Saber is a China based custom saber manufacturer. YDD Saber products are sold by many different custom saber sellers. For more info about YDD Saber, refer to … Read more

Saberforge Indirectly Launches NEW Youngling Crossguard Saber

YDD Saber crossguard

Saberforge indirectly announced a new lightsaber for their website today called the Youngling Crossguard Saber. Saberforge quietly listed the new Youngling Crossguard Saber as one of their freebie items for their Smuggler’s Heist sale, that runs through June 16, 2018. Buyer’s who spend $1000 qualify for a free Youngling Crossguard Saber during the Smuggler’s Heist … Read more

YDD Saber: The budget custom saber company you’ve never heard about | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

YDD Saber (a crossguard lightsaber)

YDD Saber, also known as Ningbo Hydsaber Technology Co., Ltd., is a China based custom saber company that launched in 2012. The company is mainly known for making budget custom lightsabers. The reason you may not have heard of this company by name is because if you go to YDD Saber’s website, the company primarily sells … Read more

ACLightsabers Kota Lightsaber | New Saber Alert

ACLightsabers Kota lightsaber

The ACLightsabers Kota lightsaber has been released. The budget friendly custom saber is inspired by the design Rahm Kota lightsaber. Kota is a handcrafted UPVC lightsaber with chrome wrap and a black wrap in the grip section. ACLightsabers offers the Kota lightsaber as a stunt saber (in-hilt LED light only, no sound) or as a … Read more